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25 результатов по Дания

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Graduate Programs

Дания Люнгбю September 2019

For almost two centuries DTU, Technical University of Denmark, has been dedicated to fulfilling the vision of H.C. Ørsted – the father of electromagnetism – who founded the university in 1829 to develop and create value using the natural sciences and the technical sciences to benefit society. Today, DTU is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe, continues to set new records in the number of publications, and persistently increases and develops our … [+] partnerships with industry, and assignments accomplished by DTU’s public sector consultancy. [-]

University of Strathclyde: Faculty of Engineering

Великобритания Глазго Дания Ольборг Германия Гамбург September 2016 + еще 1

Our Faculty of Engineering is the biggest in Scotland. We're also one of the largest, best equipped engineering faculties in the UK.

Aarhus University

Дания Орхус Хернинг Копенгаген Emdrup September 2019

Aarhus University is an academically diverse and strongly research-oriented institution that creates and shares knowledge. The university was founded in 1928 and today it has several world class research fields.

VIA University College

Дания Хернинг Хорсенс Орхус September 2019

VIA University College is Denmark’s largest and most international university college – also known as a university of applied sciences – with a total of 18,500 students of which 2,500 are international students from all over the world.

Interaction Design Foundation

Дания Копенгаген September 2019

We are an independent nonprofit initiative with an objective that sounds like a paradox—to raise the level of global design education to an Ivy League standard, while at the same time reducing costs to as low as we can possibly take them.

Maersk Training

Курсы Дания Svendborg Великобритания Абердин Соединённые Штаты Америки Хьюстон Объединенные Арабские Эмираты Дубай Newcastle-under-Lyme Эсбьорг Египет Александрия Катар Доха Индия Ченнай Мумбаи Малайзия Куала-Лумпур Бразилия Рио-де-Жанейро Норвегия Ставангер September 2019 + еще 19

We train organisations, crews and individuals in the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Wind industry how to improve safety and operational performance, in offshore and maritime operations. We always train as close to real life as possible, teaching you how to handle challenging situations.

Copenhagen Business School

Дания Копенгаген September 2019

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917. Today, with 20,000 students and 1,500 employees, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe and one of the 8 Danish universities.

South Gate Society Arts Center

Дания Ольборг September 2019

South Gate Society Arts Center is the first, four-year Creative Writing School in Denmark, providing seven different options to prepare students for a career in literature

Aros Business Academy

Дания Копенгаген September 2019

AROS BUSINESS ACADEMY – Mini MBA’s and training We aim to put an end to mass-produced leadership educations and instead we design Mini MBA leadership educations, that create a noticeable change - for you and for your workplace.

Designskolen Kolding

Дания Колдинг September 2019

We cultivate and value talent and challenge it by teaching our students to reflect on their own process and by teaching them to collaborate by completing tasks related to specific contexts of use, preferably in interaction with industry.DK builds on the tradition of Danish Design and focuses on design that is meaningful.

University College South Denmark

Дания Эсбьорг Хадерслев Сённерборг September 2019

University College South Denmark offers a wide range of higher education study programmes and courses at all levels, with an emphasis on first-cycle bachelor degrees in the field of Educational Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences andCommunication Sciences.

University College of Northern Denmark

Дания Ольборг September 2019

University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) is a Danish Higher Educational Institution working in the fields of education, development, applied research and innovation. UCN is active in healthcare and wellness, social studies and education, technology and business, training and lifelong learning.

University of Southern Denmark

Дания Оденсе Колдинг Слагельсе Сённерборг Эсбьорг Германия Фленсбург Копенгаген Словения Любляна Испания Герона Китай Пекин September 2019 + еще 10

University of Southern Denmark has created an institution of higher research and education which provides first-class educational opportunities and is cooperation partner for both public and private businesses and organisations for providing qualified labour.

Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design

Дипломы Дания Копенгаген September 2019

The Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design is a internationally renowned private Academy founded in 1983. Since the beginning, the Academy has educated clothing-designers on a high level of craftmanship and with a strong visuel expression. Our Alumni are represented, at all levels in the fashion business, both nationally and internationally.

Business Academy Aarhus

Ассоциированная степень Дания Орхус September 2019

Business Academy Aarhus is a Scool of Applied Sciences

European Film College

Курсы Дания Ebeltoft August 2017

The European Film College is more than a film school. We are a Danish folk high school, offering young people from all over the world an 8½-month intense, hands-on film foundation programme (in English). During the summer we also offer a selection of 1-week film seminars and workshops (in Danish). Students and teachers live on campus, creating a uniquely intense and social environment, evolving around film.

Technical University of Denmark - DTU

Дания Люнгбю September 2019

For almost two centuries DTU, Technical University of Denmark, has been dedicated to fulfilling the vision of H.C. Ørsted—the father of electromagnetism—who founded the university in 1829 to develop and create value using the natural sciences and the technical sciences to benefit society. Today, DTU is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe, continues to set new records in the number of publications, and persistently increase and develop our part… [+] nerships with industry, and assignments accomplished by DTU’s scientific advice [-]


Дипломы Дания Копенгаген September 2019

3D CGI and animation is a mix between art and technology which requires a fine balance. It is used both in the film and game-industry as well as in advertising and many other industries.

The Royal Danish Academy of Music

Дания Копенгаген September 2019

IT University of Copenhagen

Дания Копенгаген September 2019

The IT University is creating more IT graduates, than any other university in Denmark and offers a variety of research based study programmes within the field of IT.

The Royal Academy of Music - Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium

Дания Орхус Финляндия Хельсинки Швеция Стокгольм Мальмё September 2019 + еще 2

The programmes have been given the highest status, both nationally and internationally. This means that they measure up to the best comparable courses on offer abroad. We train students for careers as professional musicians, and, depending on the course taken, students graduate either as solo performers or as music teachers.

Copenhagen University College of Engineering

Дания Копенгаген September 2019

Roskilde Business College

Дания Роскилле September 2019

Aalborg University

Дания Ольборг Копенгаген Эсбьорг September 2019

Aalborg University (AAU) is a fairly young and very modern university established in 1974. Situated in Denmark, the University’s main campus is placed in Aalborg, but it also has a campus in Esbjerg and one in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

AVT Business School

Certificate Дания Копенгаген September 2019

AVT Business School is a recognized and international accredited MBA business school for professionals who aspire to make a greater impact and achieve the next level of success.